Thursday, March 6, 2014

Introducing: An ABC Book for the Despairing, Disheartened and Depressed

I've been wanting to write and illustrate a children's book since I was a child myself. Actually, I did do just that when I was nine or ten, but needless to say nothing ever came of it. Sooooo, my brother and I, who both love dark humor, were in a somber mood one day and started thinking of funny and depressing alliterations to cheer ourselves up. We ended up with a big old ugly list and then thought, "Hey! Let's turn this into a book!" And so we did. It's not technically a children's book--adults will probably appreciate it more. In fact, it might give smaller kids bad dreams.

An ABC Book for the Despairing, Disheartened and Depressed is a darkly humorous book about some of the crappy things in life that happen to perfectly nice people. From the severe (Atrocious atomic annihilation) to the trivial (Zealous zits), this children's book for adults is full of witty alliterations, and somber and silly illustrations. The authors' goal is to bring some cheer to those who are down in the dumps. They believe it is, in part, through humor they have been able to survive some pretty bleak times of their own.

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