Friday, August 26, 2016


I titled this piece Luna because her white-blonde hair is shaped like a crescent moon. The moon represents femininity and the crescent moon, change. The moth in her hair symbolizes sensitivity. I've always felt different and couldn't figure out why. I recently learned I'm what's called a Highly Sensitive Person. I read this article recently and it fits me almost to a tee. Learning moths represent sensitivity makes me love them even more. Although Luna is feminine and sensitive, I tried to show strength and determination in her expression.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Runaway Rabbit

I felt inspired to paint a rabbit who escaped a carousel and ran away. He was tired of going around and around on the same track and ready for new adventures. I decided to stain it with watered down raw umber, focusing on the edges, to give it a antique and darker feel. 

Painting and writing is so cathartic for me. Like the bunny, I want to runaway. For years, I've felt my heart belongs to the ocean. I long to move, but the timing has to be right.