Thursday, May 28, 2015

Girl With Cat 2

If you can't tell by now, I love animals. Like love them-love them. Love them so much, I watch animal documentaries, visit pet stores for a free zoo-like experience (and to torture myself), draw them at church, pet nearly every cat and dog in sight, and cry whenever I think of Maggie, my dog I had to give up five years ago and can't stop thinking about.


I made this today. It consists of faux fur, cork, collage materials, metal and rusty bottle caps. I've been picking up rusty bottle caps for years. I finally found a use for them.

Park City

My mom, sister and I have an annual tradition to visit Park City every spring. We eat amazing food, savor the art at the numerous galleries, swim, shop, watch lame TV and act like idiots. I look 
forward to this time every year.

The Roaring 20s!

For the past several years, I've had a thing for the 1920s, particularly the style and fashion. Even my wedding getup had a '20s feel. But lately I'm obsessed with the era. I'm sure Downton Abbey didn't help matters. 
 I've started making flapper rag dolls, altered art dolls and even '20's themed collages.
I discovered the adorable actress Colleen Moore and have put three of her photos up in my bedroom! Louise Brooks is another favorite. Someday I want to wear a gorgeous flapper dress and wear it to someplace nice.


My brother, who also happens to be a talented film maker and one of my best friends, got married recently. I decided to surprise him and his lovely wife by painting their portrait as a wedding gift. I was pleased as punch by their reaction--and that they hung it in a prominent spot in their new home.