Monday, May 22, 2017

Thailand Trip

My sister and I have wanted to go on an exotic trip together for years and I've wanted to see Thailand for even longer so we decided to take a spontaneous trip earlier this month.

We got to stay in a magical beach bungalow with an oceanview balcony for next to nothing.

The Big Buddha was really cool. 

Two monks were kind enough to let a few of us silly tourists pose with them. 

We got up close and personal with several monkeys. They climbed all over our bags, tried to steal my sister's phone and pulled her hair. It was pretty funny!

My sister and I on the boat heading to Khao Phing Kan and other gorgeous islands.

 Khao Phing Kan, aka James Bond island. It was gorgeous! We also got to canoe through some breathtaking caves.

Visiting the elephant sanctuary was hands down the best experience of the whole trip. I've been obsessed with elephants for many years. Getting to feed, bathe, brush and pet them was amazing. Such a dream come true! 

Kata Noi beach was lovely. We planned to snorkel but the waves were too intense so we played in the water instead.

 Trick Eye Museum was a lot of fun. It's filled with dozens of interactive murals. This is a longtime favorite painting of mine by Van Gogh.

Thailand was absolutely magical and easily one of the best trips of my life--and the icing on the cake is that it can be done on a tight budget. I would recommend it to anyone.