Friday, April 6, 2012

My Dream Furniture

Furniture can be a form or art. Someday I hope to buy my dream home near the ocean and fill it with beautiful, funky furniture that are as fun to look at as it is functional.

I love this zebra chair. I've been wanting one for years and years.

Asymmetrical chairs are, in my humble opinion, uber cool.

I love the bold red color of this couch. I do like the more modern looking ones, but comfort is a must.

In case you haven't noticed my now, I love curlycues! You will find them in most of my latest paintings.

Green is my very favorite color. These table and chairs make me happy!

Also a cool dining room set. I think I'd have a hard time choosing.

I love Indian-style patchwork. I've wanted one on my bed for years. Only problem is they're so pretty, I'd be afraid to ever lay on one.

This one's lovely, too.

Another great choice. What's a girl to do?

This bookcase is fierce!

Simple but still fabulous.

I want one of these for all the jewelry I plan to buy, hahaha. Okay, I don't plan on buying that much jewelry, so maybe I can store keepsakes in it, too.

This is a painting by my favorite living artist, Charles Dwyer. Dwyer said if he could have one wish: "I'd like to have every household own something original, by an artist of its choice." My choice would be one of his. Too bad they're waaaay out of my price range, right now at least.

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