Saturday, May 22, 2010

Solo Exhibit @ SLC Ink

My show last night was a success. Besides the rain that discouraged a lot of the strollers from coming (hence the name "gallery stroll"), and my yucky cold I can't seem to shake, it was a magical night. Me. (Do you like my Mr. Blow Fish shirt?)
Some of my work on a pretty red wall.
Always gotta wear cool shoes. Funky socks are just icing on the cake.
My peeps--Averi and Jeff.
Uncle John and Aunt Bonnie.
Eris and Halcyon.
Nathan and Sarah.
Anne and I (my bestie growing up).
Anne, Jared and Eris.
My moma.
Me and my lover boy.
Rachel, me, Dad and Mom.
Maria (my high school pal) and I.
My Aunt Vickie and cousins.

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